Counseling & Therapy

Counseling Center

ACT provides counseling services with licensed counselors for individuals and families. Fees for sessions are on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.

ACT counseling services are designed to help persons in emotional distress, parents and children reunifying after legal separation, and individuals referred by the courts or other social agencies.


What we do

ACT practices Brief Therapy. You won’t be lying on a couch for years recounting your childhood. You will be sitting in a chair talking about your problems and working toward solutions.

Brief Therapy includes:

  • A focus on your specific problem
  • The active participation of both you and the therapist
  • Your own plan stressing solutions
  • The goal of getting you up and out in a limited time


How it works

The initial contact – The healing starts with a telephone call to ACT. Our front office coordinator will ask for your name, your phone number, and the type of service you are requesting. If you have been referred by another agency please provide the contact person at that agency and their telephone number. Depending on your needs, you may be referred to other sources of help. If we can help you will be transferred to a counselor or a counselor will call you back for an initial telephone interview.

Initial telephone interview by a counselor – Here you can describe what is bothering you and what you believe you need. This information will be used to decide if we can help you. If we can help, it will be used to find the appropriate therapist for you. Before you see your therapist, you will be asked to visit ACT for an enrollment appointment.

The enrollment appointment – At your convenience, visit ACT for ½ hour and fill out the necessary paperwork. If you are paying for your own therapy you will be asked to pay the enrollment fee of $50, which pays for your initial intake appointment.

The intake appointment – Scheduled by the front office coordinator, you will meet your therapist, who will examine your problem and develop a therapy plan. Using this assessment the therapist will often recommend a series of weekly one-on-one sessions, or occasionally will recommend a weekly group meeting.

Ongoing sessions – A course of therapy lasts from a few to perhaps a dozen weekly 1 hour sessions. The fee for these sessions is based on your ability to pay.